With the increasing number of meetings that people have to attend at work, it becomes essential for them to prepare for the meeting in advance. This will help them focus on what is important and save time from being lost.

Here are four suggestions to make your business meetings more productive.\

Plan Your Meeting

It is difficult to have an efficient meeting when you don’t have the right plan. The success of your meeting plans depends on how well you manage your schedule and how much attention you put into planning what needs to be discussed and for how long.

Create a Meeting Template or Checklist

In today’s businesses…

Hiring mistakes can be costly for any business. The same is valid for hiring diverse talent. Yet, if you are a travel and tourism company, this should be an immediate concern as the industry has been criticized for its lack of diversity in leadership positions. Many mistakes made during the recruitment process could lead to your company missing out on some fantastic candidates who would bring new perspectives, ideas, and innovations to the table. We will discuss these common hiring mistakes and how they affect your bottom line.

Focusing only on entry-level roles

We know that talent runs deep, but many organizations treat it as…

In most cases, hard skills show off the experience and understanding of an individual. On the other hand, soft skills indicate working with others and growing within a company. Soft skills assist one in creating relationships and solving issues. Listing soft skills on your resume, identifying them in an interview, and demonstrating them in the workplace can be an added advantage to one’s career. This article will review reasons why soft skills are prudent and how they can strengthen job relationships.


Show employers leadership abilities by indicating soft skills on your resume. When employees focus on soft skills, they think…

In any given industry, companies scramble for the best talent in the market. Employees are also looking for much more than a salary when taking up new jobs, so companies have to innovate ways to attract talent continuously. Here are some areas one can look into while trying to find ways to attract and also retain talent in their company:


With the current situation in the world, where a pandemic is threatening most people, flexible employers are likely to win the attention of job seekers. Flexibility in terms of working hours and the ability to work from home are essential…

There is a tremendous amount of global problems in society today. With issues like climate change and immense poverty, it’s easy to get depressed. Fortunately, entrepreneurs are stepping up and working to solve global problems.

Climate Change

Since this involves the entire world, no one person or firm can change everything. But we can each do our part. As they say, think globally but act locally.

Every little bit matters. Small wins like reducing the amount of paper printed or installing energy-saving light bulbs add up over time. This can help motivate employees who enjoy working in a progressive workplace.

An entrepreneur…

The internet is already thoroughly entrenched in our society, making it challenging to do anything without going online. This requires every business to maintain a website that’s useful and accessible to everyone. Improving the accessibility of your site will help you serve all of your customers better, but this may be particularly true for older adult customers who may or may not be tech-savvy.

Make the Text Legible

The first thing to consider is how the text on your web pages will look to individuals with poor eyesight . Even when individuals have eyeglasses, they may still have trouble making out fancy fonts or…

Empowered employees are productive in their work. When a company takes steps to empower their employees, they enhance their job satisfaction and improve loyalty. That means they will more likely stay in the same company and deliver better results. Undoubtedly, the success of many companies is directly linked to their employee’s success. When an employee’s work-life balance is top-notch, the company’s success is guaranteed. So, what exactly do we mean by empowering employees? Let’s find out.

Employee empowerment is giving staff leadership roles that provide them with power and motivation in their work. …

Consumers no longer trust marketing strategies a company may have; they prefer reviews from fellow consumers. Good customer reviews market a business better by banking on trust. Companies are selling products more online; hence, customers’ reviews directly impact sales.

Most consumers take reviews as referrals; thus, whatever is written by a client directly reflects a business. Online buyers are likely to go through the previous review before buying a product from a company. A favorable judgment is a great marketing strategy. There are several ways to garner customer reviews.

Take Advantage When a Customer Is Satisfied and Happy

At the moment of happiness, when a customer expresses how satisfied…

Businesses thrive when exemplary leadership is shown, creating a suitable environment for interpersonal growth and company development. It is critical to ensure that you invest in proper management systems that foster growth for your business.

Lean thinking is becoming a popular solution for many organizations globally.

The respect for people, continuous improvement, and unconventional support and service delivery to customers are critical guiding Lean principles. Notably, firms are now assessing their practices that might have been reinforced for decades, and the results have not been promising.

While new approaches to doing things are fundamental in fostering company growth, this dream…

Buying an established business saves an investor the hassle of starting from scratch; thus, they invest time in finding a suitable one. There are several challenges associated with buying an already existing business. Though they are established, they tend to be costly as the owners include all the expenses incurred to get it running.

The Pros and Cons of Buying an Existing Business

Buying an existing business may sound good, but it means taking over every aspect of the company; thus, it’s essential to ensure none is ignored. Be informed of all the factors associated with business success or failure.


  • No groundwork necessary since it’s already done
  • The business’…

Warren Ferster, Manchester

Warren Ferster is a UK based business professional and leader and the Executive Director of Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC). Visit WarrenFerster.net!

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